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Multimedia | Screenshots

Here's some classic stills of the Genesis version in action on an emulator, and some pics of the game in it's natural state on an old school tube T.V. through a RF connector.

Tube T.V. Stills | Emulator Stills

T.V. Stills | Description

Before the advent of emulators and high def we had to deal with the game through an R.F. connector on a tube t.v.

I felt it would be good to bust out the Genesis and cart for the people who've only seen the game on an emulator, so they could appreciate how much better it looks on a monitor.

The diminutive Sega Genesis 3 was used for the pics.

You can see the six button pad that came with the console on the right. It's feather weighted and feels very cheap in comparison to the indestructible 3 button pad, which is almost bigger than the Genesis 3.


These pics are from a demo game featuring the 1991-1992 Cup finals matchup between the Penguins and Blackhawks with the offsides and line changes on.

It was a tightly contested battle between two of the games most dominant stars. Jeremy Roenick and Mario Lemieux. In the end the Penguins prevailed 7 to 5.

Here Lemieux deposits the puck stick side on Belfour. The play started after a turnover in the Pens zone that resulted in a nifty break out pass from Kevin Stevens that sent Le Magnifique streaking on a breakaway.


Here in the opening moments of the 2nd Roenick crashes the net and lights the lamp after a mad scramble in front.

Roenick tallied twice in the game. He could have scored 6 goals but Barrasso stood on his head and robbed J.R. and the Blackhawks on several great opportunities.


The Blackhawks Steve Smith, and Penguins Larry Murphy exchange pleasantries, and fisticuffs as well.

Murphy got some good overhands in the first few seconds, but Smith put the hammer down with a devastating body shot that was so hard it made Murphy bleed from the head and sent him out for the remainder of the game.

Kevin Stevens was also slapped with a 2 minute minor for fight instigation.


The Penguins prevail to the tune of 7 to 5 thanks to some great saves by Barrasso and some fortunate bounces.

Your three stars:

Ron Francis - game winning goal

Jeremy Roenick - 2 goals

Rick Tocchet - 2 goals

As the Pens celebrate, the depleted Blackhawks can only stand motionless as they read the three stars from the screen.

gg ~


In the stats to the left from the game the Blackhawks had more precision passing, and better attack time throughout. The Penguins had a slight edge in the faceoffs and body check department.

Ultimately it was the undisciplined penalties from the Blackhawks that proved to be their own undoing, as the Penguins capitalized on 3 of 5 power plays.


As usual Roenick supply's the offensive fire power for the Blackhawks with two goals on 6 shots.

Steve Smith also had a stand out night with a Gordie Howe hat trick: a goal, a assist, and a fight. Oddly enough he ends up with only 4 penalty minutes after the fight he had with Murphy.


Surprisingly Ron Francis and Rick Tocchet, two of the games slower fowards, provided the points to put the Penguins over the top

Though Lemieux had only one goal he was all over the ice and had peppered Belfour with 5 shots by the time the final siren sounded.

On a side note:
I used the demo mode as a crystal ball before Flyers games as a kid. I would actually do a demo of the game between the Flyers and whoever they played that night..I swear it was on target many times!


Out of all the 400 + players in the game Shawn Chambers of the expansion Tampa Bay Lightning has the fortune (or lack their of) of being the absolute worst player with a hilarious 1 overall rating.

This ranking sets him behind teammate Jeff Bloemberg, and consummate goon Tony Twist of the Quebec Nordiques, who has a overall rating of 5.

For the heartiest of challenges:
Make Chambers your D-man and assign the rest of the top line with the other lowest players on the Lightning and see if you can humble the Blackhawks.


When playoffs are selected in the menu the game randomly pairs matchups. This still is a shot before the playoffs start.

Due to licensing issues EA couldn't use the NHL logo, team names or other stuff like the Cup.

Instead of competing for the hallowed Stanley Cup in the playoffs, you'll be awarded with the NHLPA symbol should you be the surviving team. (best I could come up with)


Emulator Stills | Description

St. Louis forward Brett Hull wires a slap shot high, glove side on Detroit Tim Cheveldae, who can only watch in horror, at the awesome power of Hull's shot.

With Brett's shot power at a 99 rating he's a threat anywhere inside the offensive zone. Juke and jive till you find some room for Hull to blast, then let it rip. You'll be rewarded with a goal more often than not.



Here EASN Sportscaster Ron Barr dispenses wisdom before a game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Montreal Canadians.

Ronald provides tidbits for every teams starting lineup before a game. A cool feature that should have made it's way into NHL '94.


The Toothless Wonder, Theoren Fleury of the Calgary Flames lights the lamp after crashing the net against the Vancouver Canucks.

Fleury is a speed demon with excellent agility. He can quickly convert an errand pass by the opposition into a break away, making him one of the games marquee forwards.



Steen and the Jets went buck wild on the Sabres in a exhibition match I played with 5 minute periods.

While Winnipeg's most dynamic player may be on defense with Phil Housley, Steen and company can do some serious damage if used properly.


Hartford's Bobby Holik knot's the game at one a piece against the Flyers after a nice deke.

This demo game ended up going into over time where Mark Recchi scored the game winning goal for the Flyers. Final score was 5 to 4.


The ref sentences Cam Neely to a 5 minute major for fighting against Toronto's Jamie Macoun.

It was a lopsided fight that ended up with Macoun sprawled on the ice.


Rangers defensemen Jeff Beukeboom levels Roenick with a crushing open ice hit.

Looks like J.R. is human after all.


NHLPA'93's main screen. The goalie's jersey alternates several different colors that change when you start up the game.

The killer tune '93 will also start once you see this screen. It's the best audio track in the series to me. You can find it in the download section.



The ice crew will get some exercise cleaning up after St. Louis defensemen Jeff Brown is punched out by Calgary Flames forward Gary Roberts.

Roberts possesses much more than sure hands and a great shot, he's also a great pugilist who can throw down with the best of them. Make sure you have him on the ice at all times if your playing with the Flames.



Quebec Nordiques Tony Twist get's no love from NHLPA'93's player rater Igor Kuperman.

Twist moves like a turtle in molasses, but he is always good for a scrap. Send out the goon if you find yourself down a couple.


The top three forwards of the Sabres all find the score sheet on this play.

Here's how it developed:
Mogilny took the puck clean off the draw at center and flicked a saucer pass to Pat LaFontaine who dished it back to Andreychuk for a slam dunk deke.

Pay no attention to Buffalo's team rating in the manual that have them labeled as a lame crew. The deft stick handling and blazing speed of Alexander Mogilny coupled with LaFontaine's shot makes for one of the most dynamic duo's in the game.

Peter Bondra poses for the main menu screen.

Players cycle through the window doing various poses and animations while settings are configured for the game.

This screen shot comes from the forum courtesy of TruePensFan1981. Here is the excerpt from the thread:

"Down 2-1 to the Washington Capitals in the playoffs, Tom Barrasso sends a pass up-ice to a wide open Mario Lemieux; unfortunately, Lemieux was nailed with an open-ice hit as the puck flies by. Capitals goaltender Don Beaupre misplays the puck as it goes through his five-hole and Tom Barrasso ties the game, 2-2 while being credited with a hat trick. The Pens went on to rout the Capitals with a final score of 9-2."

Just when you think there's nothing left to see Barraso pots the pseudo hat trick. A truly epic glitch. Thanks TPF for the submission!

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