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NHLPA '93 & other Classic EA Sites
If you would like to exchange links, or happen to find a dead one, let me know.

GDL '93 League Website
This is a Genesis draft league where coaches choose a team before each season and a player draft is held to fill your roster. Coaches are held over to the next season, but replacement coaches are always needed to replace coaches who drop out or don't meet deadlines. This is a compiled stat league, so you will see stats for every game played along with player and coach stats. You can visit the GDL '93 forum on NHL' by clicking on this link.

Fang's League
An old school offline '93 league with full stats from seasons past.

Swingers Clip - Youtube
This legendary scene from the movie Swingers staring NHLPA '93 and, "Wayne's legs shaking all over the place". This pretty much encapsulates my experience playing around my older cousins as a kid. We all had moments like this back in the day.

NHL'94 Website
The best site the internet, NHL'94 is where you go to get insight and loads of information for everything EA Sports NHL. Join the forum and talk about your favorite old-school hockey games!