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player celebrates

Mama said there'd be days like this. She also said pay respect where respect is due. So here are the people who made this game possible.

puck Design Adapters
          Michael Brook
          Scott Orr
          Rich Hilleman

puck Programmer
          Jim Simmons


puck Graphics
         George Simmons
         Brian O'Hara
         Curt Toumanian

puck Music and Sound
         Jim Simmons


puck Producers
         Michael Brook
       Steve Matulac


puck Product Manager
         Chip Lange


puck Technical Directors
         Scott Cronce
         Tom Debry

puck Testing
          Rob Zalot
          Yun Chin
          Joel Simmons

puck Player Ratings
       Igor Kuperman
puck Art Director
         Nancy Waisanen
puck Package Design      
          E.J. Sarraille Design
puck Package Photos
         Steve Babineau

puck Quality Assurance
          David Costa
          Kevin Hogan


puck Documentation
         T.S. Flanagan


puck Documentation        Layout
         T.S. Flanagan


puck Special Thanks
          Rob Blake
          Bob Borgen
          John McIntyre
          Ian Pulver
          Ted Saskin