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        Toronto fighter

The download department has no shortage of whole grain 93 goodness. The emulator and game files columns have everything you need to play the original game on your computer. If your looking for something extra then look to the right column, where you can find the font, music and sprites I ripped from the game. If you have a custom edit of the game or something you would like to share please send it my way.


» Emulators

Gens Emulator » Gens Emulator v. 2.14
Gens, is a Sega Genesis / MD emulator for Windows systems developed by Stéphane Dallongeville. This emulator has the highest compatibility of Genesis games and Kaillera netplay support. (approx 574 KB)

Gens Emulator » Gens Movie Maker Emulator v. 9F
This is a modified unofficial version of Gens that has avi dump capability. It's what was used to create the videos in the video section. (approx 528 KB)

Gens32 » KEGA Fusion v. 3.51 Emulator
The final version of Steven Snakes KEGA Sega Genesis / MD Emulator.
Dubbed "Fusion" because of the combination of KEGA and KEGA Lazarus features. Fusion can play games from every every major SEGA console pre Saturn. It also has peer to peer play as well. (approx 299 KB)

ZSNES » ZSNES Emulator v. 1.51
This outstanding emulator is widely considered to be the standard to which all SNES emulators are judged. Many of the features in all emulators that are now considered common appeared first in ZSNES. ZSNES also has peer to peer play. (approx 847 KB)

snes9k » Snes9K Emulator v. 0.09z
SNES9K actually outperforms the original SNES's sound output and has several graphic filters to boot. The "K" in SNES9K stands for Kaillera net play support. (approx 616 KB)

» Game Files

» Original NHLPA'93 Game (Genesis)
This is the game in it's original state that can be played with any Genesis / MD emulator. Simply download and run any Genesis emulator to your left, then load this file to play the original game. (approx 312 KB)

» Original NHLPA'93 Game (SNES)
For those who prefer the game at a reduced 30FPS you can try the SNES version. Just download a SNES emulator to to your left, run it, then load this file. (approx 333 KB)

» NHLPA'93 with '08 Rosters (Genesis)
Someone finally came through with a current edit of NHLPA '93's rosters! Props to puckhead8926 with rosters from the 2008 NHL campaign - playoff edition. (approx 314 KB)

» NHLPA'93 with 1983 Rosters (Genesis)
Another edit by puckhead8926 , only this time with rosters from 1983 NHL campaign. (approx 314 KB)

» NHLPA'93 with '06 Rosters (Genesis)
This is a modified version of the game by Byatch1979 with rosters from the 2006 NHL campaign. (approx 314 KB)


» Music, Sprite Rips and Font

» Music, Organ tunes and SFX
Below is a zip file containing all of the sound from NHLPA'93 that I ripped including: Intro tunes, sound effects and organ music.
All of the files were ripped in the Gens emulator and converted to MP3 format. (approx 2.7 MB)

» NHLPA'93 Font
This is the exact same font from the game I made by dissecting the words and characters from the game and transforming them into a font using Font Creator.

This is also the exact same font used in NHL '94. (approx 8 KB)

» NHLPA'93 / 94 Animated Sprites
Here are almost 90 animated gif sprites I made form NHLPA'93 and NHL '94. You'll find: All of the flashing playoff banners, the Zamboni, the goal siren, the revolving puck logo, plus a goalie and skater sprite (Home and away) for every team in various actions. (approx 284 KB)