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Welcome to scoring 101. This class emphasizes mastery of various techniques designed to hone your scoring skills and improve your offensive output.
We begin under the impression that you have basic knowledge of the games rules and regulations. Let's get started!

~ The Deke
The first method of scoring covered is perhaps the most effective of all the techniques. 'The deke', or fake, is performed by shifting the player in control of the puck in one direction, then sharply shifting to another direction whilst releasing a shot. It can be done on the forehand and backhand.

There are several factors that influence a players ability to be good at 'the deke', they are:

  puck Shot Power - A player with good shot power can score with a deke from a sharper angle.
  puck Shot Accuracy - Self explanatory. A player with good shot accuracy makes it easier to aim the puck
  puck Speed - If your player can't get to the net how is he going to score?
  puck Agility - A player with good agility can easily shift to the other direction when releasing the shot.

While the upper echelon forwards like Roenick, Lemieux, Mogilny, and others are offensive dynamo's, there are not shortage of players who can do the deke with ease. Just find a team and player who has a good balance of the attributes listed above, and give it a go.

Of the two ways possible to score with the deke, the forehand shot is by far the easiest to master. The only tricky part it learning where the 'sweet spot' is. The 'sweet spot' is located in between the face off circles to around, and in the lip of the goal crease where the red paint meets the blue. The masterpiece below should give you a good idea of what I'm saying.

Scoring zones applicable to the deke crease

The areas that touch the face off circles are the 'floater zones' , you can deposit the puck from a diagonal in these areas either by gliding into a sharp angle and letting it go high to the opposite post (up & diagonal + C), or dekeing left to right , or right to left, and letting it rip far corner.
The highlighted portions inside the crease are where you deke left to right, or right to left, (left +C | right + C) and tuck it home.

These four videos illustrate how the dekes are done.

Forehand Floater
Backhand Floater
Forehand Dunk
Backhand Dunk

After a few tries the deke becomes automatic. Making it the easiest way to score in the game.


~ The Slap Shot

At times when the opposition really battens the hatches and prevents you from getting in tight, your forced to snipe your way to victory with the slap shot. While it's not as easy to score with as it is with the deke; the slap shot is indispensable in anyone's scoring arsenal, and makes certain players threats anywhere inside the offensive zone.

There's two main skills that make for a superb slap shot:

  puck Shot Power - The primary ingredient! If your player has a whale of a shot, he's going find the twine more often than not.
  puck Shot Accuracy - If your player doesn't have an accurate shot, he's going to miss the net a lot. It's that simple.

Other attributes like speed or agility play a factor as well in performing the slap shot. However these two are what really count. Mainly because it's possible to score from a stationary position.
Unlike the deke, it's not so much where you are when you fire it, but how you take the shot. While It is possible to put the biscuit in the basket from anywhere on the ice, there are still areas where the slap shot is more potent..So rather than having a diagram of where the 'sweet spots' are, this diagram shows where you should be aiming the puck.

The halos represent the areas to aim for when doing a slap shot crease

Typically it's best to be about half way out from the net (image a invisible line between the goal line and blue line) when shooting it.
When aiming for the corners try to get in a lateral position on the forehand ..Another way to pick the corners is to angle the player to face the far post so that his stick points to the far post. Just get in either position, wind up (hold C) and point diagonally (up + left or right) and depress the button until the shot is released.

When aiming between the 5-hole it's best to have momentum moving towards the net when delivering the shot. Try to be in a direct line with the goalies 5-hole and aim in between his legs (down) when holding C for the shot. It should also be metioned that players with harder shots don't need to wind up all the way..I find it much harder to score with if the shot button is held all the way when aiming at the 5-hole.

Try to imitate the clips below until you are master of the slapper.

Forehand Slaper
Angle Slaper
Opposite Angle Slaper
Five-Hole Slaper

Anytime there's enough space to wind up for a slap shot is a good time to fire it, the keepers allow some crazy goals, and there's always a chance you'll get a juicy rebound for a slam dunk.