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If there is a question you have that isn't answered below don't hesitate to drop me a line and I'll get back to you.
- clockwise

Q. Who's Idea was it to add a NHLPA '93 section?

A. The question had surfaced on the forums about the possibility of a NHLPA'93 exhibit or web site not many moons ago. Being a fanatic of the game I was elated when Evan offered to host the pages. I volunteered my services - he obliged, and the result it what you see here.

Q. Why not NHL '95 or NHL '96 instead of NHLPA '93?

A. Personally I have lots of memories playing this game and NHL '94 with my family and friends as a wee lad in the early '90's. To me NHLPA'93 is the zenith of sports games right alongside NHL'94, so I automatically wanted to do this section for Evan's site.

Q. How do I play the game on my PC?

A. The game is played with the games ROM, and an emulator. A emulator as advertised emulates the native hardware and cpu the game was designed for..In this case Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo. ROM (or read only memory) is the data contained within the games original cartridge 'dumped' or transferred to a PC into a file that is playable with a emulator. Almost every game (system) of yesteryear: Nintendo, Arcade, Dreamcast and others are now emulated and playable on your PC. You can read more about emulators in this article on wikipedia.
The files required for playing NHLPA'93 on your PC can be found in the download section.

Q. Is it possible to play the game online?

A. Fortunately it is! It's great going head to head with opponents who enjoy this classic game. Evan has already written a tutorial for playing the game online so I'll direct you here.

Q. How can I set up games with other players, and are there any leagues?

A. Most players setup games with instant message clients such as AOL instant messanger. You can use the players lists Evan has made for finding a game, or stop by the forums and give us a shout.
As for a NHLPA '93 league: Right now there simply aren't enough players available to hold a online league (wild ain't it?). However there are plenty of different leagues that use NHL '94, including NHL '94 online.